Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Number 832

Curse Of The Werewolf

Hallowe'en will be here in a couple of days. I've got the moat filled, full of hungry alligators. C'mon to my house, kids! I've got to feed those 'gators or they'll come after me.

My second Wednesday werewolf post is an adaptation of Curse Of The Werewolf, a Hammer Film from about 1960. My brother and I saw the movie, first run, at a dumpy theater during a Saturday matinee. The air was full of flying popcorn and occasionally the dialogue could be heard above the din of the rowdy crowd. But we loved it. We'd seen Lon Chaney Jr. doing his Wolfman thing on the local Nightmare Theater and we thought hairy guys with teeth who ran around biting people were mighty cool.

Written by Steve Moore, artwork by John Bolton:


rnigma said...

Wow... I had forgotten about what an excellent artist John Bolton was! Like a cross between Wood and Ingels...
Dr. K's blog has been celebrating Hammer horror lately, since the Hammer brand has been revived recently in the movie "Let Me In."

Chuck Wells said...

That was fatastic! I've gotta find me a coupy.