Thursday, October 21, 2010

Number 829

Frightful Frankenstein Friday

Back in the early days of this blog, 2006-07, I ran a feature called Frankenstein Friday, which weekly, one by one, posted all of the stories I had from various issues of Dick Briefer's Frankenstein comic book, both the funny and horror comics versions.

Now we're back, along with several other bloggers, for one more day of Frankenstein Friday, celebrating Craig Yoe's new book, Dick Briefer's Frankenstein. Craig has combined some of the best of the best Frankenstein stories, covering the phases of his career, as chronicled by Briefer: the original, horrible-looking monstrosity, the funny Frankenstein, and the not-so-horrible, but horribly misunderstood monster.

As is true with all of Yoe's books, production work is second to none. This is the first book in a series about horror comics, a series I'm looking forward to.

Having seen the book, I give it my unqualified endorsement and enthusiastic approval. You will definitely want this book in your library. It is available at the usual booksellers as well as

Dick Briefer is one of the great comic book men, whose career was most active during the 1940s. Here's a Frankenstein story by him from Prize Comics #39, 1944, where Frankenstein becomes a member of the Gestapo! (This story is not taken from Craig's book.)

You never have enough Frankenstein! Here is a photo of Craig's beautiful Dick Briefer's Frankenstein volume along with original Frankenstein comics #1 and #23 from the Pappy collection.

Karen Jambeck, wife of Dave Miller and friend of Pappy and Mrs. Pappy, is menaced by the Monster! Hope you got away, Karen, we don't want you to miss your birthday next Monday!

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Jeff Overturf said...

Here's to Frankie!

Mykal said...

Great Post and review, Pappy, and double-great Frankenstein story! Been trying to snag one of those comics for awhile, but they don't come cheap. I bought two copies of Craig's book, and I agree with your review 100%

Pappy said...

Mykal, I bought most of my Frankenstein comics in the 1970s. I believe Craig Yoe's fantastic and attractive book will increase interest in Dick Briefer.

I traded several of the later issues of Barks' Uncle Scrooge for Frankenstein #1, and then had to replace them. I never sat down to figure out how much that issue actually cost me...

prof. grewbeard said...

so i'm confused, was this a transitional period for the monster, in-between his gory and goofy incarnations?...

Pappy said...

Prof, this is the only Prize comic I have from this period, but I believe your guess is likely correct.