Friday, October 08, 2010

Number 821

Octoman is here!

Let it be stated now: I am not down with octopi. I am not a fan of slithery 8-armed critters from the depths of the seas. My parents took me to see the movie Beneath The 12-Mile Reef when I was a kid, and Robert Wagner fighting with an octopus made up my mind for me. I let the octos stay where they are, and I stay away from them. I can't even look at them in an aquarium.

So they spook me, especially when, as in "Arms Of Doom" from Harvey's Black Cat Mystery #32, 1952, they have googly cartoon eyes and are attached to a human body. Ugh. This disgustingly tentacled tale is drawn by the master of disgusting, Rudi Palais.


bzak said...


All hail the king of the dripping page!!! Love the Rudy Palais style.


Brian Riedel

Pappy said...

bzak, yeah man. I always need to wipe my hands with a towel after reading one of Palais' sweating stories.

Chuck Wells said...

Interesting character there!