Sunday, October 31, 2010

Number 834

The Creekmore Curse

So! Hallowe'en tonight, eh? Just before preparing this posting I wired the doorbell to give electric shocks. That's for the trick or treaters who make it past the moat...and the alligators...and the land mines, that is.

"The Creekmore Curse" is, I believe, Al Feldstein's only story for ACG. It was published in Adventures Into The Unknown #3 in late 1948, when Al was still freelancing for Bill Gaines at EC. To my knowledge it pre-dates any of the horror stories he did for Gaines.

Feldstein did a fine job on the artwork here, too. It's obvious he took some care. Maybe he was cultivating ACG as a potential client, but then swung his loyalties to Gaines. If you see Al would you ask him for me, please?

What's that sound? Ha-ha! I just heard the doorbell ring and the shriek of the electrocuted. Oh, it'll be a fine Hallowe'en after all.


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Ditto. Thanks Pappy.