Monday, April 12, 2010

Number 718

Tallulah tattoo-ya

Just think, if Tallulah the Tattooed Lady were alive today she wouldn't be a freak...she'd be chic!

Styles change over time; tattoos are now a fashion statement. OK, fine...I just want to remind all of the young people that those tattoos look good on your firm young flesh, which someday will be sagging. That's why the once firm and perky boobs of the hula girl tattooed on my chest are now drooping to my belly button. Be warned.

This story, drawn by Klaus Nordling, appeared in Quality Comics' The Barker #5, 1947.


Prof. Grewbeard said...

the tattooed lady is hot but can't get a date? Lily's life is ruined over one little tattoo and she commits murder over it? what a world, indeed! things certainly have changed! i'd have gone out with Tallulah anytime!...

TotalToyz said...

Looks like Michelle McGee v. Sandra Bullock!!