Friday, April 02, 2010

Number 712

Feldstein and Ingels in love!

I can picture Feldstein doing love comics because he had done teenage books before coming to EC. I have a little more trouble with Graham Ingels as a love comics artist. In these two stories from the A Moon, A Girl, Romance, (the continuation from Moon Girl) neither artist looks like he feels very comfortable drawing romance.

In "I Was Jilted and Had No Desire To Live!" a spurned girl turns to rat poison with intentions of ending her own life. A couple of years later Feldstein might write the story for Jack Kamen to draw in Crime SuspenStories or one of the horror titles. The girl would give the rat poison to her ex-lover. In "I Was A Flirt," the spanking at the end would turn into a gruesome panel in The Haunt of Fear drawn by "Ghastly" Ingels. No spanking, he'd be chopping her up with an ax.

Maybe I'm sick, but thinking about those scenarios made me enjoy the stories more.

From A Moon, A Girl, Romance #9, 1949:

This is the last of my EC Pre-Trend postings for now. I will revisit the subject at some point in the future. I've had a lot of fun presenting these stories and hope you've enjoyed them, also.

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Michael Wurl said...

Nice way to wrap up EC pre-trend week, Pappy!

Did you notice Feldstein's pre-cursor to the old Witch and the Vault -Keeper on the splash? In the bottom corner it's the Old Bitch and the Fault-Keeper...didn't catch on...

Loved your horror scenarios!

Ironic how in the first story how the 'cheaters' were so outraged at being spied upon --
"How dare you catch me cheating on you!"

Love the spanking panel by Ingels! If horror hadn't taken off like it did, he might have become "Spanky" Ingels instead of "Ghastly"!