Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Number 435

Comic book cuties

Before finding the Lighter Side of Mad, the late Dave Berg drew comic books. He's been featured in Pappy's a couple of times for his comic book work. Go to the labels below this posting and click on his name for more. He drew Merton in four issues of that title from Toby Press in the early 1950s. He drew some really cute girls in his stories, like Merton's gf Marcia in this 4-pager.

Note to guys: Always compliment a woman when she does something different to her hair. Even if you hate it, say you love it. I learned that from over three decades of working with hundreds of different women.

All three of the stories in this post are from the same issue, Meet Merton #3.

Gill Fox drew many a hottie himself, from Torchy to Jeanie to...Melody. Ger Apeldoorn in his excellent Fabuleous Fifties blog, has many examples of Fox's fine work.

Finally, Peggy Dean is by an artist I don't know, but who obviously had more than enough experience in drawing female anatomy to get the eye of even the most casual reader.


Chuck Wells said...

Gill Fox's "Melody" is my favorite out of these, Pappy.

That is just some lovely artwork!

p spector said...

Fine stuff. Those Peggy Dean waistlines are even more outrageous than anime chicks. Thanks Pappy.

Mr. Karswell said...

I was gonna say the same thing about the micro waists in Peggy Dean... any smaller and they'd be Vampira.

Cool three pack Pap!

Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. said...

Peggy Dean is by Jack Sparling - FYI