Thursday, December 11, 2008

Number 431

More Walt Kelly Christmas Cuteness

Kelly didn't write "Lord Octopus" from Santa Claus Funnies #2, 1943, which is credited to Stella Mead. "Petey Parrot's Christmas" isn't credited, but it doesn't read like something from the creator of Pogo. The artwork looks rushed, but even rushed Kelly is often better than that by other artists.

"Petey" is from Dell Four-Color #285, Santa Claus Funnies, 1948 edition.


If you haven't had enough Kelly, go back to Christmas 2006 and Pappy's #66 for "The Search For Santa" from Dell Four Color #90, Christmas With Mother Goose.


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

I believe Petey Parrot's Christmas is not really by Kelly. He told me many years ago (mid 60's) that in many early stories by him, he would use different styles even in one book (such as early Animal Comics) to simulate variety. But as his style developed and became identifiable, other artists were encouraged to emulate his style—a sort of 'house look'. And he did, what we call these days, breakdowns— that other artists applied their various skills upon. I believe this is one of those. It's fascinating to look at the early Animal Comics and discover straight adventure stories that appear to be by Kelly. What a wonderful talent.

Kirk Nachman said...

Holy Macarel, pap! Lord Octopus is immaculate! Often early interior work by Kelly isn't as refined as his covers of the same period were.

Really fine stuff!