Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Number 2429: “Let me in!” says Blackhawk

The Blackhawks are off to another country which will surely fall to the oppressive leader, Boorn, unless they intercede. Blackhawks are lucky. They can land their planes in any country (apparently). They aren’t shot at or shot down.

Boorn is a crafty wannabe dictator. He looks for the weak leak in the Blackhawk organization, and comes up with the Frenchman, André, who has an eye for beauty. They send Doria, high in the organization, to waylay André, which she does by leaning against a wall, posing as a prostitute (page 4). She tells André she is a secrent [sic] agent. Of course, the rest of the Blackhawks are too smart for that. They see the plot and go after Boorn. Blackhawk doesn’t just knock on Boorn’s door, he knocks the door down.

Reed Crandall did the artwork, and drew the door crashing scene twice, in the story and on the cover. Blackhawk must’ve gone for some liniment for his shoulder after the blow he used for that door.

The story comes from Quality Comics’ Blackhawk #23 (1949).


Daniel [] said...

Having the hero or heroes sing in a comic book is not much different from having them dance on the radio. Mind you that I've never regretted not bring able actually to hear the Blackhawks as they waste a panel or two.

This story didn't otherwise offer much, but it afforded Crandall a lot of opportunity to show action, which is a very good thing given that it was Crandall.

Darci said...

Despite the clue that the Blackhawks have encountered Boorn before, I can find no trace of him. Anyone else?

rnigma said...

Sheet music for the Blackhawks' song was printed in an issue of the comic. There were no radio or TV Blackhawk shows as far as I know, and I don't recall if the Blackhawks sang in their movie serial.

jeirich said...

I always liked the concept of the Blackhawks, but the casual racism, especially with respect to "Chop Chop," makes stuff like this almost unreadable.