Friday, December 13, 2019

Number 2427: Shot through the heart

The Arrow was a very early entry into the comic book costumed heroes club. His exploits began in Funny Pages Vol. 2 No. 10 (1938) as an anonymous archer in disguise. Like many of his ilk, the Arrow doesn’t mind going around the law, bringing some old-fashioned vigilante justice. In one panel of today’s story he shoots a crook in the heart with his “glittering arrow.” Beyond a good aim, he has no super powers.

The Arrow was created by Paul Gustavson. I am showing you the fifth story from the series, in the form of a reprint published in The Arrow #1 (1940). Like most good costumed heroes, the Arrow knows where the evil doings are done, and as if by magic he appears on the scene to wreak justice. Also like magic, his cloak changes to yellow in the splash panel and all of page 5.

Early come, early go...Arrow lasted until 1942, when the publisher, Centaur, went out of business.

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Daniel [] said...

I had assumed that the character of the Green Arrow were principally inspired by a 1923 novel by Edgar Wallace, The Green Archer, serial adaptations from which were released in 1925 and in 1940. But it seems that the Arrow could have been an important source, though perhaps also drawing on the Green Archer. Of course, Robin Hood and William Tell long predate the Green Archer, the Arrow, and the Green Arrow. Funny to see here a cowled archer, as the Green Arrow became in the television series called … er, “Arrow”.