Monday, November 11, 2019

Number 2412: Big Bird goes bad!

My jaw damn near hit the floor when I saw the panel of a talking bird with what looks like a machine gun. It reminds me of a current trend by American psychopaths, taking weapons of war and shooting up schools, churches and businesses. I am not making light of those terrible recurring atrocities, but they are the first things I thought of.

The story is drawn by Mr Precision, Fred Guardineer, with his fine examples of careful drawing and inking comic book pages. It is written by Gardner Fox. “The Harp of Death” is from the ME one-shot, Space Ace #5 (1952), a collection of reprinted Space Ace stories from the 1948 Manhunt comic books.


Daniel [] said...

Well, perhaps someone can explain how that mask worked to hide the beak. I'd also like an explanation for the sky shown in the final panel.

In any case, Jak and Space Ace seem of the sort to be warm companions, each for the other.

Smurfswacker said...

Space Ace's long career has made him awfully blase. He's surprised by seeing some weird plants but he doesn't bat an eyelash when an enormous talking bird pops out of them and threatens him. Just another day on the Star Trails.

Pappy said...

Smurfswacker...well said.

Pappy said...

Daniel, they enjoy each other's company, I believe.