Thursday, November 23, 2017

Number 2132: Thanksgiving Turkey Award, 2017: Madhouse Murder!

It is Thanksgiving Day, an annual holiday where Americans stuff themselves in an orgy of eating. That describes Pappy’s household, anyway.

It is also a day when I pick the most unusual, oddball, screwy or worst story I have read in the past year. I picked the story this year for the honor last year, only to be beaten to publication by Booksteve in his Four Color Shadows blog. He posted it a week or so before Thanksgiving 2016. Booksteve could not know the panic it caused me, but I found a substitute and acted like nothing had happened. Now it can be told.

In his blog Steve described “The Madhouse Murder Mystery” as “inventive and utterly compelling.” Steve is much more charitable than I. I will add my opinion that it was drawn by someone who had no formal art training, and perhaps was in his or her teens. The figure drawing is crude and the busy inking technique is that of an artist looking to cover up weaknesses in the pencils. The artist is identified in the splash panel as E.F. Webster.

So if you can get by the artwork, you have an old school melodrama set in a “nuthouse” (panel 3), a menacing figure in a hood and gown kidnapping a nurse with the intention of swapping brains between her and his pal, the slow-minded and brutish Quando.

I give it two-and-a-half Turkeys, not many for this prestigious (ho-ho) award. I go with Steve in his “utterly compelling” description, if only because I have not seen anything else quite like it in mainstream comic books. By adding some four-letter words and a graphic sex scene or two it might have fit into underground comix of the late '60s. Art standards varied widely in the undergrounds in their heyday. In that way “Madhouse Murder Mystery” seems familiar to me.

From Amazing Mystery Funnies Vol. 2 No. 3 (1939):

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darkmark said...

Actually, that's V2 #3.

randygrf said...

Hi Pappy, as a longtime reader, this twisted story prompts me to make my first comment. I'm not an expert in comics brain transplants, but assuming that Quando and Nurse Black's personalities are also switched, who will be taking advantage of whom after the operation is literally a brain twister. Also Grand Comics Database lists this story in issue #3 of volume 2 of Amazing Mystery Funnies.

Pappy said...

Darkmark, randygif, thanks for pointing out the correct issue number, which I will fix.

I don't know how I missed the notation from the Grand Comics Database that the artist's full name is Ethel Felder Webster.

Brian Barnes said...

With the atrocious art, everybody missed the more atrocious writing! Happy Thanksgiving, Pappy! Don't eat too much, we need you around!

Grant said...

In spite of its year, the artwork somehow reminds me of the few underground comics I've ever read. Especially the first page in color.