Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Number 1367: Three from Suspense

I've taken three stories from Suspense Comics, a title which lasted for 12 issues in the forties, because they remind me of old radio shows or B-movies. And why not? That’s what the people reading comic books were doing for entertainment in those days. (Those poor deprived citizens, with so few distractions in their daily lives. Unlike today, of course, where our whole lives seem lived for distractions. Ah. But I digress.)

The cover of this issue is by L. B. Cole. The stories are drawn by comic book journeymen John Giunta, George Appel, and Don Rico.

From Suspense Comics #6 (1944):

Earlier this year I showed a couple of stories from this issue by the fine artist/WPA muralist turned cartoonist, Louis Ferstadt. Click on the picture to see that posting:


Wheez Von Klaw said...

Love L.B. Cole's covers..He was truly the master of deep color...I could stare at his work for hours..The interior stuff is pretty great too..nice brushwork. Your blog is the best!

Pappy said...

Wheez, you are obviously discerning and refined when it comes to blogs, and I appreciate you.