Monday, May 13, 2013

Number 1366: When the bills come due: Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill

I showed the first story from Avon’s Wild Bill Hickok #1 (1949), drawn by Jimmy Thompson, in December, 2012. You’ll find a link to it below the scans for the second story, “Cheyenne Campaign,” also drawn by Thompson.

In this story Wild Bill meets up with Buffalo Bill and even George Armstrong Custer for a fight with some Indians on the warpath. You read dialogue like “. . .those red fiends will...get our scalps...” and “Every shot must be a dead or wounded Cheyenne!” and realize this is one of those stories with casual racism common when Westerns were at the height of their popularity. My apologies to those who may be offended. It was fairly standard fare for its era, but made vivid by Thompson’s excellent and action-packed drawings.


Read more about artist Jimmy Thompson. Click on the picture to go to another rip-roarin' story:

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Brian Barnes said...

"White men fight plenty good ... Cheyennes whipped! Run for teepees! Run...Run!"


Why don't you ever pre-apologize to all the communist, too? :)

What is it with these tales and Native Americans with bows and arrows? I know it made good visuals, but the Native Americans were pretty well armed, sometimes better than the army units that went after them.