Friday, January 06, 2012

Number 1083

"Our wrath shall be written in thunder and flame!"

Sheena deserves credit for consistency. From the time she was created by the Eisner-Iger Studio she stayed much the same: blonde jungle queen going about said jungle in an imaginary Africa, helping out natives who apparently need to be saved on a fairly regular basis. This episode, "Viper Gods of Vengeance Veldt!" doesn't deviate from that template. White people posing as gods in a plot to steal native treasure? How many times have you seen that one?

The guys for whom Fiction House comics were aimed were interested in sexy women, not the story, and in the Sheena stories those sexy babes were provided by longtime Sheena artist, Robert H. Webb.

From Jumbo Comics #102, 1947:

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Chuck Wells said...

Late to the party, but a good story - you bet'cha!