Sunday, January 01, 2012

Number 1080

A Pappy New Year!

Head feeling a little fuzzy this morning? A couple of aspirins and Pappy's Golden Age will fix you right up!

We're starting out 2012 with a couple of funny stories from The Kilroys #5, including a story of Natch welcoming the New Year of 1948.

I have something in common with Natch Kilroy...I also greeted 1948. I was only six months old at the time and don't remember it, but I was there nonetheless, and have managed to make it to January 1 each year since.

These stories were written by Hubie Karp and drawn by Bob Wickersham, who sometimes signed his work Bob Wick. The Kilroys was aimed at that big teenage comics market led by Archie. Redhead Natch even reminds me a bit of Archie. Like Archie he drove a jalopy and had girl problems.

Here's an announcement that the comic was going to a monthly schedule, which means it was a seller. The Kilroys had a good eight year run from 1947 to 1955.

Rest up today! Tomorrow you'll be back at the regular old grind.


Chuck Wells said...

Those pages are beautiful!!

Mykal said...

Pappy: Happy new year, my friend.

This is another Pappy post that makes me green with jealousy. I have always wanted to see and/or post some Kilroys, but as often happens, you beat me to the puch! Thanks for posting. Wickersham was such a great cartoonist.

Unless I miss my guess, that black and white inside cover (only) is Dan Gordon.

Pappy said...

Chuck, Mykal...thanks for your comments as always, and your support. And good luck to both of you with your fine blogs in 2012.

(Plugola time): Chuck Wells' The Comic Book Catacombs and Mykal Banta's Big Blog of Kids' Comics and The Bloody Pulps.

rnigma said...

I wonder if Dr. Seuss named the Wickersham Brothers in "Horton Hears a Who" after Bob?