Monday, September 26, 2011

Number 1024

Cowgirls, lasso me for romance!

I've told you before about my love for cowgirls...buckskin, short skirts, tall boots and a Stetson. I like to see cowgirls riding frontwards, side-saddle, and even reverse. I told you of the origin of my particular cowgirl thing in Pappy's #667 in 2010, and you can read about it.

Today we fulfill some personal wish-dreams with a Western love story from Cowgirl Romances #4, a Fiction House comic from 1951. As a bonus I'm including a story about a rootin', tootin', straight-shootin' buckaroo-gal (or would that be a buckarette?), Two-Gun Lil, from Crack Western #72, also from 1951.

Saddle up, cowgal, and meet me by the big rock on the mesa. We'll sit by the campfire under the moon and stars, listen to the coyotes wail. I'll pull out my fiddle and we can fiddle around 'til we drop from exhaustion. Now that's a cowgirl romance!


Martin OHearn said...

I'd say the artist on Two-Gun Lil is Chuck Winter, who drew Liberty Belle for DC. The writer is Joe Millard.

Gene Phillips said...

Thanks for printing these. I liked the Two-Gun Lil tale more than the cowgirl romance. The TGL stories are often pretty clever for backup strips, and are among the few female-centric strips that aren't heavily sexualized (not that I mind the latter type myself). I know Pat Masuli did some of these but I'll be surprised if this one is his work.

Pappy said...

Martin, Gene, thanks for the input.