Monday, November 24, 2008

Number 419

Berried Treasure

Each Thursday, beginning next week, I'll be posting some Christmas-themed stories right up through Christmas Day. I haven't got it all set what I'm going to show you, but there will be some Walt Kelly magic. It wouldn't be Christmas at Pappy's without Kelly.

Here's a story from Pogo #8, 1953, featuring some of the younger characters, and full of Kelly's usual whimsical nonsense.

I'm also including the text piece from the issue. It's about a turkey, and this is the week for turkey. Check back on Thursday for the Third Annual Pappy's Turkey Award where I'll show the dumbest story I could find this year.


Gary said...

Hi Pappy
Thanks very much for the GREAT scans.Love 'em.
Any chance of some cowboy stories in the future maybe??
Cheers from across the pond
gary in the Uk

Pappy said...

Gary, just scroll down and you'll find some cowboys. There will be more in the future I'm sure.

Gary said...

Thanks Pappy.
Amazing what's on these blogs.Great fun.Think I will need thicker glasses very soon!!

C. Cilla said...

Pure hilarity!
Thank you for posting this comic.
It made my day.

Jerome Wilson said...

How nice to look over the genius of Walt Kelly again. With all the old comic strips being collected in book form, hopefully someone will get around to collecting Pogo soon.