Friday, November 07, 2008

Number 409

Murphy Anderson's Star Pirate

Murphy Anderson has long been one of my favorite DC artists. I loved his work in the '60s, from the Atomic Knights in Strange Adventures to Hawkman, to his many inking jobs done over the pencils of other artists. I always thought any artist looked better when inked by Murphy.

Star Pirate is a swashbuckling s-f series from Planet Comics. This particular episode is from Planet #41, March 1946. Since Anderson was born in 1926, he was 19 or 20 when he drew this, and it shows a lot of sophistication for such a young artist. His inspiration from Lou Fine is apparent, too.

In 1948 Anderson drew Buck Rogers.

In 1987 Dragon Lady Press reprinted an episode in Classic Adventure Strips #10. As good as this is for a youngster, with age he only got better.


Uncle Ernie said...

I have also liked Murphy Anderson since the 60's; but I have also thought that his art is a bit stiff. It is nice to see some of his youthful, more rubbery, energy in this art.

Jerome Wilson said...

A planet full of nothing but women and bendable plastic men? I am deeply ashamed of the thoughts passing through my mind right now. (God bless these pre-Code stories.)

Daniel [] said...

As far aas inking goes, I especially remember Anderson's inkings of Infantino and later of Swan. I liked Anderson's work on his own (eg John Carter), but I have to agree with Uncle Ernie that it was a bit stiff.