Friday, November 21, 2008

Number 417

Dudley on ice

Dudley and friends return in a story of mistaken identity from Dudley #1, Nov.-Dec. 1949. Dudley was a short-lived series by Boody Rogers, competing for Archie readers. Rogers, whose work was usually off-the-wall or even totally bizarre, restrains himself in order to fit into that Archie style, but that just wasn't Boody's strong point. Oh well, the girls — at least one or two of them — are cute in Boody's inimitable style, picked up as Zack Mosley's assistant on Smilin' Jack.

The first story from Dudley #1 is here.

Just in! A candid portrait of Dudley and his gang! Milt and Mona's parents are gone for the weekend, so the teens hustle on over to the Magee house for a teenage makeout party. They decide to have a snack and do a little dancing before gettin' it on. You can tell by Mona's sly look at Dudley that tonight he'll finally get past first base and maybe...just maybe...go all the way to third.

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