Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Number 416

Origin of Mr. Justice

This is a followup to our Halloween posting, Pappy's #405. Correspondent 1506NixNix writes: I saw the comment asking about Mr. Justice, whether he was a ghost like the Spectre. This is the origin story from Blue Ribbon Comics #9. It was published in 1941. Mr. Justice was a good character from MLJ but the company went another direction and by 1943 he was dropped in favor of the Archie comics.

Story is by Joe Blair, artwork is by Sam Cooper. Don Markstein's Toonopedia gives us the short course on Mr. Justice here.

...and what is that name again? The name of the kidnapped girl's family? Piddle? Did I read that right? Let me look...yup, I read it right.


Daniel [] said...

The best part is having one of the kidnappers figuring on-the-fly the he needs to retrieve and stake James's body.

Paul Brigg said...

The funniest part is that the writer thought 1740 was the Middle Ages!!

Pappy said...

Paul, anachronisms abound in these old stories. I'm guessing a lot of the readers--and apparently some of the writers--were practically illiterate in those pre-WWII days. I'm guessing it took until now for anyone to actually notice.

Mr. Karswell said...

Best part for me: Cop kicking crook in ass on last page... and obviously enjoying it.