Friday, July 11, 2008

Number 340

Whodunnit? Rudy dunnit!

Longtime comic artist Rudy Palais contributed this story to Crime Does Not Pay #49, from 1947. It's easy to spot a Palais story even without his distinctive signature. Just look for the flying sweat drops. Funny animal comic artists like Floyd Gottfredson of the Mickey Mouse comic strip did this regularly, but they seem wildly out of place in an otherwise melodramatic crime story.

This potboiler of a "mystery" is straight out of some 1940s Hollywood B-movie programmer. Like one of those old movies you don't want to take it seriously, but it's fun to look at. 


Chuck Wells said...

Very nice story scans today, Pappy. Palais did a good job on this one, melodramatic or not.

bzak said...


Palais is one of a kind. I love his stuff. Thanks for posting something other than the horror work.

Brian James Riedel

Mr. Karswell said...

Holy Mackeral he's got it! Fun tale for sure, Palais is a favorite of mine as well, his sweaty style seems best suited for crime and horror.

Plus! Your THOIA t-shirt is on the way! Thanks again.