Sunday, July 20, 2008

Number 345

The doomed frat boys

My son and his family moved to another state earlier this year. The plan is for him to finish his schooling. I'm in the stands cheering him on, waving the ol' college flag, yelling, "Go, Dave, go!" Luckily he's taking his classes online, because after reading this story, I'm sure I don't want him joining any fraternities.

This story is from a really bad copy of Superior's Strange Mysteries #13. A previous owner shot a BB hole through it. Someone stuck some tape over some of the holes. One page has a corner missing. Those are all problems with my particular copy, but a worse problem, the really crappy printing, is thanks to the Canadian publisher's printer.


Unknown said...

Do you suppose they published a companion piece about sororities?

Mr. Karswell said...

Decent story Pappy, nice build and atmosphere... though it could have climaxed more affectively if the suicide ending was presented more horrifically instead of Jones doing "The Tazamanian Devil Escape" move.

Him hungry for death.