Friday, July 04, 2008

Number 336

Legion Of The Undead!

I haven't posted a horror story in a while. When I do I always sweat because I might find out Karswell has already done it. So if he has, well, so be it. This story is from Beyond #11, May 1952, drawn by Mike Sekowsky.

This past week has been my own experience with the undead. My hard drive crashed a week ago, and I had to have data recovered, not to mention get a new hard drive. I'm a little bit lighter in the wallet now. I had backed up most of my files, which is good because even with the data recovery not everything was able to be recovered. I have been slowly restoring what I can. Think of what I'm going through as bringing the dead to life. What I'm putting together now is probably more of a clone of what I had before the crash, not a zombie, but as long as it works for me, I won't split hairs.

The computer I was using as a backup, an old HP with Windows ME, lasted until the day I was due to get my resurrected computer back. With one last gasp it gave up its own ghost. While I paid to bring one back from the dead, the older, dutiful HP, will now have to rest in peace.


I haven't forgotten the American national holiday, so HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.


Karswell said...

Don't worry about me Pappy, just keep doin' what you're doin'... I have no sole rights to the precode horror stories, hell I've posted a bunch of stuff you posted years before I even started THOIA! And even you yourself once said that a double post is like a welcome encore presentation... if we both deemed it worthy to post in the first place then it must be a winner! I think you said that, or something to that affect anyway.

Karswell said...

Forgot to comment on this cool story... loved it, in fact this is one of the best Ace stories I've seen in awhile. Very spooky premise only slightly ruined by the typical crime motive of Dr LoSatarza (and speaking of LoStarza, this guy's a dead ringer for José Mojica Marins!) The Vicar would probably be in heaven with this one!

Anonymous said...

"I'm doomed to an eternity of torture in the fiery darkness of the nether regions!"

must ... resist ... urge to snark ... no! ... growing weaker -- can't hold out much longer...

Luckily, there's Preparation H.

Pappy said...

Karswell, as I shared with you one time, I liken seeing two postings of the same story as being like different radio stations playing a favorite song. I remember some folks commenting to you about posting the fantastic "The Flat Man," a long time ago, because I'd posted it a year earlier. If those of us who do these scan blogs post some of the same stuff it's because it's near impossible to keep track of hundreds of comic book stories. But if it happens it shouldn't matter all that much because someone is seeing it for the first time, and someone else might be enjoying it on a second go-round.

Howard, I love the Preparation H reference. Good one!