Monday, July 28, 2008

Number 350

John Stanley's Woody

When I found out via the John Stanley Stories website (eyes right, to the links) that Stanley had written Woody Woodpecker stories in the 1940s, I pulled out my copy of Dell Four Color #169 from 1947, the first all-Woody Woodpecker comic. I hadn't read it since I got it over 30 years ago. At the time thought it strange, bizarre even. After re-reading I can see those touches that make it a John Stanley story. And yep, I still find it strange, still bizarre.


Sea-of-Green said...

Why is the last page entirely red?

Pappy said...

It was the inside back cover, done in duotone. Later on Dell published that page exclusively in black ink with no color overlays.

Thad said...

I love this story. I mean, Woody is a REAL crimelord, actually KILLING people. And then he forgets everything. That's just creepy. I think Stanley did the art too.

Great blog, Pappy.

Jamdin said...

I love the mad look Woody has and thanks for posting this.

Marc Burkhardt said...

Evil Woody is very, very frightening.

I never did really like the little creep.