Friday, July 25, 2008

Number 348

Pussycat the Bunnycat!

Pussycat shows us once again why Bill Ward was a great cartoonist, and maybe one of the best good-girl artists ever. This is from the one-shot Pussycat Marvel magazine from '68, reprinted in turn from its appearance in one of the men's magazines that company published.

As an extra here are scans of some original art by Ward. These are cartoons I bought for the astounding price of $5.00 each at a mid-'80s San Diego Comicon. My friends and I were grabbing them off a stack of art as fast as a dealer could put them on the table. I think I got some of the better ones. Most of these are dated from the mid-1960s. Ward said once that he sold about 25 cartoons a month to Chip Goodman at Humorama, publishers of monthly small-size cartoon books, "the kind men like!" You can see why the editor bought these, and why guys like them.

I've inserted the punchline to the bikini drawing with my software, because it's written on the back of the drawing.


Mr. Karswell said...

Jaw dropping Ward... some dudes were just miles ahead of their time. Hmmmm, I wonder if he liked big boobs?

I can't believe you got these originals at that price, any idea what these would go for nowaday$?

And what's this at the top of your post today:
"Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy." ?!

Pappy said...

I dunno what that's about at the top of the post; I deleted it, though. Something to do with the ScanCounter program running in the background, I think.

Glad you liked Ward, Karswell! Pussycat's enough to make any guy's head spin on his neck.

I wish I had a scan of the one Ward I sold before I got smart and decided to keep the rest. Let's just say I made quite a return on my paltry investment.

Some things are worth more than money to me, and original art I really love is like that.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

You lucky man. Ever since the Taschen book came out, these originals are going for hundreds of dollars each.

Chuck Wells said...

Pussycat is really great fun and Bill Ward's other cartoon work is even better.

I've still got a couple of cartoons of his to post in my "Art Ephemera" spot, but knowing that you got some of these gems for dirt cheap, really has me penis-envying you, Pap.