Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Number 251

Who dunnit? Fred dunnit!

Fred Guardineer, one of the best of the early comic book artists, turns in another excellent job with this "Who Dunnit" feature from Crime Does Not Pay #57, November 1947.

Don't worry, Fredfans, I won't make you turn over your monitor to see the solution to the mystery. I've reproduced it right side up.


Chuck Wells said...

Sadly, there aren't any "archive","masterworks" or "showcase" editions of wonderful material such as this.

I'm very glad that you and karswell dredge up these gems, Pappy.

This whodunnit was a real winner.

Karswell said...

You should add a "headlights" label to this one Pappy! I agree with Chuck, a nice archival masterwork showcase collection of golden age crime comics (in color) would be awesome. I know AC Comics has been reprinting them for many years now in black and white but it's time for the real deal one of these days.

Okay, back to the dredger...