Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Number 245

Don't Shrink Sam's Head

With a little tweaking I think this story, originally published in Atlas Comics' Mystic #23, could have been published in one of that company's humor titles like Crazy. The last panel is a visual joke, and how many stories open up with a collector displaying a petrified vampire and stuffed werewolf?

The Atlas Tales site lists this story as drawn by Romita? with a question mark, so they aren't sure. I scanned it from the Marvel Comics reprint in Vault Of Evil #6, October 1973.


Karswell said...

Great post, you beat me to another weird horror classic. I have this original issue of Mystic but it's totally falling apart so I rarely remove it from the bag. Those 70's reprints totally come in handy!

Pappy said...

You're one up on me there...I don't have the original. Like you, I'm really happy with the reprints.