Monday, January 28, 2008

Number 253

Operation Monster

Here's a doctor who thinks it's a good idea to hide his surgical mistakes in the attic. Instead, he should've kept up his malpractice insurance.

"Operation Monster" is from Harvey Comics' Chamber of Chills #5, February 1952. It's drawn by Manny Stallman, who we last saw in Pappy's #128. Heritage Auctions sold the original art in 2004 for $414.00. Here's a scan of the splash page.


Karswell said...

I've almost posted this one a few times myself. Manny's inked splash is really clean and slick and alot better than some of his other work which can be frustratingly flimsey at times.

cartoonjoe said... about searing hot IRONY---!

Pappy said...

Karswell, as I understand, Manny Stallman's career ended up doing Big Boy comics. Talk about flimsy artwork. I don't like everything Stallman did, but I like this story for its sheer funkiness, illogical plot, dopey-looking monster, and irrational-acting characters. Roger Corman shoulda made a movie out of it. It seems like a storyboard for a '50s sci-fi flick.

Karswell said...

I was reading an interview with Gil Kane and he was saying that Manny actually ended his career as a stand-up comedian when a stroke left him unable to illustrate!

I still have piles of Big Boy comics, (can't bring myself to get rid of them.) I don't think I ever realized he did the art on these either. Learn something new everyday.

Big Boy (aka Shoney's) was our favorite family place to eat on Friday nights here in St Louis (the all you can eat fried shrimp bar!) It closed down a long time ago, but while I was living in LA for the last 12 years we constantly frequented the Bob's Classic in Toluca Lake... the food was just as I remembered it. They still have car hop service too on weekends. Walls were covered with old menus from the 50's and 60's. Awesome.

Uncle Ernie said...

I could never understand Stallman's art for Tower Comics' the Raven; but now when I look at those stories , the art has a lot of raw energy that I missed as a kid.