Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Number 248

"Me and Whizzer McGee…"

Phantasmo, who appeared in Dell Comics' The Funnies #45-63 back in the early 1940s, was really Phil Anson. Thanks to some training by some lamas in Tibet Phil could leave his body, become Master of the World, get really big, get transparent, fly, lift subway trains. He also hung out with a teenager named Whizzer McGee, who took care of his body while his spirit was outside being Phantasmo.

In this episode of the Phantasmo saga he deals with some "magnetic atom time bombs," containing enough U-235 to blow up five city blocks!

His costume was kind of a non-costume, a cape and a pair of trunks with matching boots.* The art is done in an old-fashioned style by E.C. Stoner.

My copy of The Funnies #54, from which this story appeared, was used as insulation, along with a stack of other really poor condition comics I got a few years ago. It was near an old furnace, which accounts for the streaks of coal on the first page. Sorry 'bout that!

*And sometimes Phantasmo wore less than that.


Chuck Wells said...

Phantasmo is actually about as weird as I would have imagined.

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity, Pappy.

Sea_of_Green said...

Wow, that's an awfully New-Agey concept for the 1940s.

And, yeah, I can see why Phantasmo would stop traffic!

Daniel Kian said...

I would guess that this comic book predates Pearl Harbor, as the Feds started censoring stories about atomic bombs during the war.