Friday, January 18, 2008

Number 249

Tales Too Terrible To Tell

Tales Too Terrible To Tell is a magazine published from 1989 to 1993 dedicated to reprints of old horror comics. It's the old "so bad it's good" syndrome. Or even, "so bad it's really bad," which is also the case with some of the reprints. Either way they're pretty fun. There was an occasional original story and cover. Steve Bissette did the cover for #1. TTTTT also included a section every issue devoted to the publishers of 1950s horror comics. Stories are reprinted in black and white, some from original art in editor George Suarez' collection, some shot in gray tones from color comics.
The series went 11 issues, with numbers 10 and 11 renamed Terrology. Because I answered a survey I got a copy of #10 in a 500-copy variant edition, still titled Tales Too Terrible To Tell.


Sea_of_Green said...

Too terrible to tell, but not too terrible to show? ;-)

Karswell said...

I've got most of these too, they're a pretty good source for pre-code reference.

Scott said...

Whatever happened to the book the editor was going to write? I was really looking forward to that. Hey, it's been 15 years, where is it?