Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Number 254

Dead man's chest

Bob Oksner sure could draw cute girls. He could draw anything, actually, and was one of DC Comics' best caricaturists. He drew both Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope comics for years, because he had a good humorous style. But it's the pretty girls I like.

Lady Danger was a character from Sensation Comics in the late 1940s. This particular tale came from Sensation Comics #85*, January 1949. It's written by Bob Kanigher, who was editor of that title. In those days DC's artists were told to "draw it like Caniff!" who was one of the most popular newspaper cartoonists in America. Oksner was like the rest of the artists and drew it like Milton Caniff, but then, Caniff also had a way with pretty girls.

*According to the Grand Comics Database, it was reprinted in Lois Lane #115, October 1970.


Chuck Wells said...

Oksner could certainly teach some of today's Wizard Top 10 artists, a few things about layout, pacing, drama and overall storytelling.

Did I leave anything out?

Oh, yeah. He really does draw some cute chicks.

Karswell said...


Karswell said...

I had my wife read this one, she busted out laughing when Grath told Val to "go roller skating!" ha ha

We'd both love to see more Lady Danger someday Paps!