Monday, January 07, 2008

Number 244

Danger Trail

Danger Trail, the 1951 version, is one of DC's rarer titles, which is why I'm glad to have even an incomplete copy of #4; only two stories are intact, but they're by Infantino and Toth.

"End Of The Arctic" has a whale hunt using a grenade on the end of the harpoon. The grenade doesn't explode. The lead character shoots a seal just so the whalers won't feel bad about missing their whale. The seal shooting isn't shown, and since the grenade didn't explode and blow off part of the whale's top we missed that, but no one tell any animal rights group, OK? I'm on their side, but I'm just presenting the story as it was published 57 years ago. Besides the hunting aspect to the story, there's some mystery and intrigue going on. All political incorrectness considered, it's a good story with good art.

The Grand Comics Database tells us that David Vern wrote the story, Alex Toth penciled it, Bernard Sachs inked it, and Julius Schwartz was the editor.

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