Monday, November 30, 2020

Number 2474: Al Williamson races for the moon

A story was told by Al Williamson of the time he went looking for work after the big comic book crash in the 1950s. He went to Harvey Comics, where they gave him some penciled pages to ink. The penciling was done by none other than Jack Kirby for Race to the Moon #3 (1958). At first Williamson did not think that their styles meshed, but like Kirby he was a solid professional, and what might have seemed unusual for Williamson looks very good to me.

Heritage Auctions has this and other stories from Kirby/Williamson at their web site, which is where I appropriated the story. To make it more legitimate I am also giving Heritage a plug: Go to the Heritage Auctions website, sign up and behold the many wonders of what Heritage is selling and has sold, in sharp reproductions that make even the most finicky collector or casual browser swoon with joy. According to the details, the auction company sold this original art in 2013 for $15,535.

This and other artwork from Race to the Moon on the Heritage site came from the Joe Simon estate.


Brian Barnes said...

I'm a terrible art spotter but I didn't see any Williamson in there, which is a sign of a good inker, it looks 100% Kirby to me.

Not sure what the "ion treatment" thing was about, it seems like an abandoned twist ending, and I was waiting for it and got suckered by the real twist, so, regardless, it worked!

Daniel [] said...

This work looks fine to me as well, though I'd agree with Williamson in the case of at least one or two other stories.

When I was still bothering to contribute to Wikipedia and Williamson was still alive, I inadvertantly annoyed him by providing his full name, as per Wikipedia policy. He undid that, in violation of Wikipedia policy; apparently he disliked “Alfonso”. I walked away from the situation, having no desire to make him unhappy. Later, after his death, someone else again provided his full name.

Pappy said...

Daniel, as Paul Simon said, "You can call me Al." Alfonso is a perfectly good name, since Williamson had South American roots, but I think "Al" seems more American.

Bill the Butcher said...

Is that 15 years ship time? By then all these characters will be long dress of old age.