Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Number 1638: Cabbages from space stole his face!

You will recognize “The Day They Stole My Face” as being inspired (or swiped, depending on how generous you are with “borrowed” ideas) by Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the Don Siegel hit movie, taken from the book by Jack Finney. In the story giant seed pods from space turn into humans, whom they replace. In this story the aliens are big cabbage heads (really!)

It seems odd that anyone, even alien invaders, would try to steal someone’s life and identity by just building an exact house next door and looking exactly like the neighbor family. But who am I to try to guess how aliens think?

It is drawn by Bill Ely, a comic book journeyman who goes way back to the beginnings of comic books. I have linked to some more by this artist. I believe Ely is underrated by comic book fans. The story appeared in My Greatest Adventure #8 (1956).

More of Bill Ely’s work for DC. Just click on the thumbnail.


Brian Barnes said...

I suspect this story itself was actually designed by aliens to melt your brain and make take-over easier!

Why the duplicate house? Just sneak in at night, eliminate the other family, and take over! Why keep the father alive in the first place? Why perfect these disguises but leave obvious flaws? Green tears! A single cut reveals your green skin! Can't go out at night!

It's alien propaganda! We are lowering out guard for aliens who aren't completely insane losers!

Daniel [] said...

I guess that we may all be grateful that, were such events to happen in real life, then the authorities would see the truth and mobilize sufficiently within three years!

Pappy said...

Brian, watching certain politically slanted news channels makes me believe that aliens have taken over already.

"Alien propaganda," indeed!

Pappy said...

Dan'l, I can see it now...drone strikes in American suburban neighborhoods.