Monday, October 27, 2014

Number 1649: Dennis the Montage Menace

Dennis the Menace Fun Book came out in 1960, a 100-page squareback one-shot issue. I have chosen these two stories because they are montages of gags, drawn by Al Wiseman. Combined with writer Fred Toole’s jokes, Wiseman’s drawings work well in this format.

Below the pages I have links to two more of my favorite posts featuring Dennis.

More classic Wiseman/Toole Dennis. Just click on the thumbnails.


Odyzeus! said...

My God!! So, so beautiful!! Hadn't seen this one before so thank you, Pap! Wiseman was incredible!!!!!

Pappy said...

Odyzeus, thanks. I love showing Wiseman's art.

Anonymous said...

A dream montage, no less!
I bought and read Dennis the Menace comics back in the '60s. It's been decades since I have seen one; I'm reminded why I liked them. The gag stories were fun enough but it was the artwork I enjoyed the most. Very nice to see again.

Pappy said...

7f7, thanks for the note. I'm not knocking the professional skills of other artists who handled the comic book version of Dennis, but I was always disappointed if I bought a Dennis comic and the artist was other than Wiseman.

Eddie Eddings said...

Wiseman was to Dennis the Menace as Gene Hazelton was to the Flintstones.

Mark Mayerson said...

I don't think "The Secret Life" story is by Wiseman. There's a bit of Owen Fitzgerald there, but it doesn't look completely like his work to me.