Friday, October 10, 2014

Number 1642: Power Nelson and the googly-eyed aliens

“Google” or “googly” once described round, popping eyes. Like the popular song of Barney Google, with the “goo-goo-googly eyes.” Google-eyed* also describes the villains from Planet Sklar in this early entry from the Power Nelson Futureman series, the starring feature for a time of Prize Comics. This episode is from Prize #6 (1940). It is only slightly less oddball than another Futureman story I showed in 2010 (find the link below), which provides a strange — and also google-eyed — history lesson of the Depression-era America, set in the future of 1982.

The Grand Comics Database guesses the artist is Dick Sprang.

*I also found a Nashville Teens song from YouTube I remembered yet had not heard since it had its Top 40 radio appearance during the sixties British Invasion.

Here’s another Power Nelson from 1940,


Brian Barnes said...

Out in the universe, it's not white hats/black hats, but giant shoulder (good) or no shoulders (bad.)

Pappy said...

Of course it is, Brian...when one has to take the troubles of the universe on one's shoulders one must have awfully big shoulders.

M. Bouffant said...

"Zora, the nurse of the universe." That job would take some big shoulders too.

Pappy said...

And of course, M., "the nurse of the universe" wears a snappy white uniform with a natty hat so we know she is indeed a nurse.