Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Number 993

Don't make a spectacle of yourself

In our two stories today spectacles, meaning eyeglasses and not exhibitionist behavior, play a major part. They are similar, both from Atlas horror comics: "Spectacles of Doom" by Bill Everett and "The Last Look" by Robert Q. Sale. "Last Look" I showed a few years ago, but have re-scanned it for you.

Bill Everett had some fun with "Spectacles of Doom," drawing some very funny characters. I love Everett mixing cartoon exaggeration into his art. Robert Q. Sale was another veteran comic book artist, who at one time shared studio space with Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder and John Severin. He also mixed in some comic exaggeration--check out his graveyard dead on the last page, with their lolling tongues, or the cucumber-nose baby--and gave a nod to Kurtzman with panel four of page four, which is an homage to "Smilin' Melvin" by Wally Wood from Mad #7.

From Marvel Tales #94, 1949:

From Mystic #31, 1954:


Odyzeus! said...

Wow! What a great little gem by Everett! Makes you wish he did more such stuff.

Thanks, Pap!

Kirk said...

Very vivid drawing style.