Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Number 997

Myxing mythology

Venus is a Roman goddess of love and beauty. Loki is "a major diety in the Norse pantheon" [Wikipedia]. So how did the two of them meet? Well, easy, when they're both comic book characters. Chances are most comic book readers of the time didn't know the difference, and if they did, probably didn't care.

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Venus is a 1940s-'50s character most often associated with Bill Everett, who did some terrific stories featuring the beautiful goddess. This pre-dates the Everett era, though. Venus #6 is from 1949. According to the Atlas Tales website, several artists worked on this 3-part story, including Pete Tumlinson, Pierce Rice, Chu Hing, and other people from the Marvel bullpen who chipped in.


Chuck Wells said...

Groovy! I don't believe that I've seen these before.

Gene Phillips said...

Great post! I've heard rumors of this earlier non-Thor "Loki" tale and it's a dilly! Interesting that Venus seems to be a thoroughly non-violent heroine in everything I've seen-- meaning that I guess they took the "goddess of love" idea seriously.