Sunday, August 14, 2011

Number 999

Such a treat was Peter Wheat!

Pogo creator, Walt Kelly, created The Adventures of Peter Wheat for Bakers Associates, which gave away a 16-page comic book every couple of months beginning in 1948. That year was a busy time for Kelly, as he was art director of the short-lived New York Star newspaper, and developed Pogo as a newspaper comic strip. After the Star folded the Hall Syndicate took Pogo nationwide, and Kelly rose to new heights of fame.

Kelly drew (and presumably wrote) Peter Wheat until 1955, when he left the comic in the hands of Al Hubbard. Artwork on the comic seems somewhat rushed, but that's understandable considering what projects Kelly had going on at the time. It's still a charming comic book, designed for young readers.

This story is from The Adventures of Peter Wheat #7, 1948:


Eric said...

Always glad to see Peter Wheat, even if this one had been posted at about a year ago. If you don't mind me asking, is this from your own collection or did you find it online? I'm very eager to find any issues I don't already have, and if you have ANY issues in your collection that haven't already been scanned by others please let me know what I need to do to get you to post them!


Pappy said...

Sorry, OtherEric, but I don't own any Peter Wheat that aren't available online.