Monday, August 01, 2011

Number 992

Joe Kubert Tor it up...

Tor, the comic book character from "1,000,000 years ago" was created by Joe Kubert and Norman Maurer, and copyrighted by the creators. Kubert later licensed the character to DC and then Marvel. This is from the last issue of the original St. John series in 1954.

The first story is a prehistoric soap opera tale of adultery and murder. It seems a bit out of place for a setting of a million years ago, but I'm sure people had trouble with spouses (or "mates") in those days, too. The second story is more typical, with Tor doing battle with an ape. I've also included a page with Kubert and Maurer defending their comic books against the attacks on comics that led to the Comics Code, and a page where Kubert and Maurer offer schooling in how to be a comic book artist, letterer or colorist, by practicing as little "as 15 minutes a day in the privacy of your own home," pre-dating the now famous Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts.

I posted another story from Tor #5 in Pappy's #647, and a 2-D version of a 3-D Tor in Pappy's #850.


HEH said...

Joe Kubert, one of my very favorites, but mostly for his war comics. I haven't seen much Tor, but being a jungle/Tarzan fan, I'm glad to read any hero neanderthal tale! Thanks for sharing some great selections, Pappy.

Ed said...

Any day with a little Kubert artwork in it is a good day!