Monday, August 22, 2011

Number 1004

There's a Riot goin' on!

I'm showing you all of the comic content from Atlas Comics' Riot #6, from 1956, because it's great. It's got top artists: Severin, Maneely, Everett, De Carlo. It's got sharp, funny stories: "Quiet Burp," "Loona the Jungle Girl," "Pascal the Rascal."

Atlas Comics of this era can be, in my opinion, uneven. But with stories running to three, four or five pages if it isn't as well written or well drawn you're soon on to the next one, and hopefully it'll be better. With this issue it's all good.


DEMiller said...

RIOT really is a riot! Very funny for a MAD copy mag. Pascal the Rascal is hilarious. The parodies of Walt Kelly, Jimmy Hatlo, Little Lulu, (Tiny Lolo), and "Quiet Burp" are real gems. Thanks for posting!

Odyzeus! said...

Maneely does Wiseman! I swear, that guy could do anything! What a shame he died so young.

Pappy said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. What else can I say but I agree with both of you.

Chuck Wells said...

Loona is eaily my favorite here. Man, I would have enjoyed seeing more humor work with this jungle "gal".