Monday, August 29, 2011

Number 1008

Mort Drucker's Perry Mason

"The Night Perry Masonmint Lost A Case" is a favorite of mine, from Mad #48, 1959. Not only am I a fan of of artist Mort Drucker, but I also remember the Raymond Burr TV show with fondness. I watched it every week.

I downloaded the scans of the original art from Heritage Auctions. It went through some production phases in which it was cleaned up, where the bleed edges of the panel borders were covered up, giving it a neater appearance than it had in its primary state. Like many artists whose work was done for black line printing, Drucker used Craftint paper, "painting" with the chemical that brought out the ben day effects. That paper became known as Grafix, and is now no longer produced. (The end of an era.)

The first Perry Mason series lasted for nine seasons on CBS, and there was a time when he actually lost a case on television (CNN did some research at some point and found out he actually lost three of three hundred, not a bad track record). I remember the hoopla around that first "losing" episode. I wonder if this satire gave some Perry Mason producer or writer the idea.


Kirk said...

Drucker is great.

Pappy said...

Kirk, I agree!

D.Mae said...

"I love you, Perry." - "Not now, Della." Ha! So spot on. And what a great name, Della Sweet. How true is that?!
Thanks so much for sharing this gem! I was looking for something like that forever.

Margo said...

I was in 4th grade when this was published. One of the boys in my class converted it to a script. I took it home and produced the play with all my neighborhood friends. A few years later I produced it again with a new group of kids. It was hilarious. I can't wait to read this gem! Thanks for the memory!