Monday, September 13, 2010

Number 807

"That ain't no way to have fun, son..."

Everybody loves Hilda's parties. This New York gal knows how to swing this small Wisconsin town "by the tail." The kids who come to Hilda's swingin' soirees soon find themselves behind in their school work...they are dancing to hot music...drinking hard liquor...smoking funny-tasting cigarettes...and worst of all, the guys expect something--heh-heh--from the girls.

Before I was a pappy, when I was just a puppy, my pappy took me aside and gave me a little pappy-son chat. "Son, stay away from wild women and wild parties. They'll just lead to trouble."

I spent the rest of my teen years looking for wild women and wild parties.

But, what the I am now and the wild parties are only memories. It's nice to read this cautionary tale from St. John's Teen-Age Romances #34, 1953, drawn by Matt Baker, if only to remind me of days gone by.


Mykal said...

Wow! Baker never fails to floor me. His characters have such individual personalities and life. Nothing - not a single face or moment - ever seems like it is done from stock artist catalog. Just amazing.

Pappy said...

And grrrls! Young, sexy, nubile grrrls! Rowwff!

Mykal said...

Absolutely! (Tex Avery table thumping, eyes-telescoping, and howling at the moon!)