Monday, September 06, 2010

Number 803

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand...

Ah, that sultry, seductive and sexy spy, Señorita Rio, the babe from Brazil, is back. This beautifully drawn story is from Fight Comics #53, 1947. It's credited to Nick Viscardi, who later changed his name to Cardy. His work at DC Comics is still loved by fans. This fan especially. I thought at the time he was active he was one of DC's top artists. I think history, and other fans, will agree with my assessment.

Born in 1920, Cardy is now retired, and according to the latest information I have, still drawing in his 90th year.

Rio had some great artists assigned to her: Lily Renée, Jack Kamen, Bob Lubbers, Cardy (who was also the first to draw Rio before he went into the service during World War II)...and Jerry Grandenetti even pitched in. I showed a Señorita Rio story by him in Pappy's #682.

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Chuck Wells said...

Nick Cardy has been a frequent guest at the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC for years. He didn't appear in 2010 and I hope that he is able to return next summer.

The Bat Lash commission that I bought from him a few years ago is one of my favorites pieces.

Nick is pretty cool and just like you said, one of DC's best illustrators.