Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Number 590


Here's another great EC story presented with both scans of the original art* and from the printed comic book.

You hardly get any better than Harvey Kurtzman's war comics, especially drawn by John Severin. Add in Will Elder on the inks and you've got a perfect artistic trio.

"Luck" is from Two-Fisted Tales #27, 1953. According to the blurb over the title, Kurtzman heard the story from some hospitalized soldiers recently back from Korea. It's an urban legend set in a war zone, not necessarily true, but a good story with a strong sense of irony.

*Thanks, with a tip of Pappy's old steel Army helmet, to Heritage Auctions website for the scans.


Pastruki said...


Your blog is just great!
Discovered ir few months ago... and love it.

Do you have any material of CC BECK or Shazam?


UPLOADER said...

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Pappy said...

Nacho, I have a 1952 Captain Marvel-Marvel Family story coming up in a couple of weeks.

Are you asking specifically about the DC Captain Marvel/Shazam revival from 1974? I don't have any current plans for that.

Prof. Grewbeard said...

as luck would have it...