Sunday, September 20, 2009

Number 596

Lash Lightning, Lightning Girl...and Artist Girl

We had a posting a few months ago in Pappy's #529 from the first issue of Pep Comics that reminds me of this story. They have similar endings. This is from Four Favorites #20, November 1945. What makes it interesting to me is that it's by the artist Nina Albright. There just weren't that many women drawing comic books, not even when a lot of male comic book artists were at war.

All I know about Albright is that she worked on several comic features and then left the field for magazine illustration in the early '50s. There aren't any birth or death dates and I don't know if she's still living.

Many of the female artists like Albright, and I'm thinking right now off the top of my head of Lily Renée and Jill Elgin, really had a way with drawing girls, but even in those sexist times they weren't restricted to "soft" subjects. They were required to draw every kind of action feature, just like the guys, and from what I've seen, they did their work very well.


Mr. Karswell said...

I don't know anything about either hero in this story but I liked it anyway, fast paced and fun and great art 'n dialogue. Got any more of these Pappy?

Gene Phillips said...

Plotwise it's pretty lame but I like how the uncredited writer kept the dialogue snappy.

Alicia American said...

We luv Nina Albright