Friday, February 13, 2009

Number 470

Who's afraid of the big bad werewolves

Karswell started this, posting horror stories from the '70s DC's, so I'm just following along behind him. It was his idea, really. I'm using him for inspiration.

Here are two werewolf stories, picked out because (1) they both have great Bernie Wrightson werewolf covers; (2) I like werewolves, and (3) because I own a page of the original artwork from "Way Of the Werewolf" from House of Mystery #231. It's by Gerry Talaoc, and demonstrates how the muddy coloring and printing of the 1970s obscured some really fine artwork. I've shown this page before, but it's worth looking at again.

"Deadly Stalkers Of the North" is drawn by Ricardo Villamonte and gives Wrightson an opportunity to draw three wolves on the cover. Weird Mystery Tales #21 has a cover date of August 1975, while House of Mystery #231 is dated May 1975. So 1975 was a good year for werewolves.


Chuck Wells said...

Outstanding post, Pappy. A little bird mentioned that you might be under the weather, if so, here's hoping you continue to enjoy a very speedy recovery.

Mr. Karswell said...

Two really good posts Pappy... wish I had some original art to display next to the printed versions, it's definitely like night and day.

So how's everything going over thar? Give us the scoop Pappy! And Chuck, did you just call me a little bird?

Charles said...

I enjoyed both these stories, but they seemed to make even less sense than most of the crazy horror stories posted.