Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Number 469

Girl Of the Moonpool

If I were a headshrinker — instead of someone who needs his own head shrunk — I'd have some things to say about "Girl Of the Moonpool," from Harvey Comics' Chamber of Chills #11, August 1952. I'd say something about sex, obsession, and diving in, literally, to a relationship. But, I'm not a shrink so forget I said anything.

This is a gorgeous piece of work by Bob Powell, probably inked by Howard Nostrand. This is the original art, which I culled from an Internet site a few years ago. Powell added the blue wash to indicate to the colorist where he wanted emphasis in the colors. I love the artwork in this story so much I printed it off, and bring it out to look at once in a while, just to see how good Powell could be.


Booksteve said...

Yeah, the word "unsung" was made for Powell and this is excellent. Sounds strange but I love looking at the folds in fabric in his work, especially in this original art. (His characters' lips are a bitt weird, though...)

Chuck Wells said...

Thank god that I managed to avoid this tragic fate the last time that I sped past the moonpool.

Now, if only I hadn't had that dalliance with my neighbors young wife.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Blue pencil was usually used to indicate where a zip pattern should be added. Strange it's only on the first page.

Daniel [] said...

With many here, I wish you the best of luck, to-morrow, Pappy!