Friday, October 27, 2017

Number 2120: The witch came back

Damn! That old witch is hard to get rid of! Just when you think she’s gone she pops up in a cat’s body, and after that, she takes over the lady of the manor.

Halloween is not complete without a witch story, and “They Burned a Witch!” from Ace’s The Beyond #16 (1952) fills the requirement. (Take note, broom riding in this tale.). It is the second of my Halloween postings, with the third coming on Monday.

Grand Comics Database gives Dick Beck credit for the  artwork.


Daniel [] said...

So I guess that the twist was the meta-twist that there really was no twist. The witch didn't even pull-off some clever plan by which everybody in the village died. She just killed a few people, and then lured the last Leith-Tremayne to his death, which luring she could instead have effected almost immediately after killing Mother Leith-Tremayne.

My most recent ex-girl-friend had a cat whom we both loved. He was no fiend. But we used to joke about him going off his head and about hearing “the laugh of a cat who had snapped!”

Brian Barnes said...

The coloring in this is awful. It's like a coloring book done by a 8 year old. At least they stayed in the lines!

This is another fun little horror story, with the witch jumping around and causing trouble and chaos wherever she managed to go. I'm going to have to remember that cat trick if I ever piss off a witch!

There is one thing about these "burn a witch, curse your descendants" stories. Didn't the witch sort of ... deserve to be burned? She was consorting with Satan (I'm a non believer but in the world of the story Satan exists) and when she gets a body back, she basically starts randomly killing people, animals, and crops! Why does she get revenge? She deserved her fate!

It seems that the good part of good and evil sucks! It doesn't matter how bad you are, or how deserved your fate is, you get to hunt down descendants for as long as it takes!